Keychain Charger

Regular price $7.00

Charger for iPhone or Android 

Please allow up to 12 weeks for overseas orders. 

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Items are in production (preorder)


Shipping delays

Lost/missing package

Please understand we have no control over our order until we have it in our hands. The potential delays listed above are not something we can control. If an item is a preproduction preorder, we will notify you in the post in our group. We will provide the estimated date production is to be completed.  Our vendors then process orders as they were received. For example: we ordered on 8/25 & 10 other orders were placed 8/1. All orders placed from 8/1-8/25 will be ahead of us. 

Once our order is shipped from Vendor there are many reasons it can be delayed and we will communicate that to you. 

Once you place your order and payment has been received we WILL NOT issue a refund unless it has been more than 12 weeks and our order has not shipped from Vendor and is not an order containing preproduction items. 

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