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Sample Pack of High Heat Formula Transfers

Will include SAMPLE ONLY and may include, seasonal and/or pieces of transfers

To be used on sample fabric or other substrates not intended for resale.

The purpose of the sample packs are for our customers to use these samples to find the time and temp that works best with your heat press.

High Heat Formula DOES REQUIRE a HEAT PRESS (Not a cricut press or iron)

and you must be able to reach pressure of 60-120 psi

*for a manual press you can place dollar bills at each corner of the bottom platen of your heat press. Close your press and adjust pressure until you cannot, or at least cannot easily remove the dollar bills from each corner.

*You should also consider purchasing a digital heat temp gauge to verify the temperature of your heat press. Some heat presses do have hot or cold spots.

Adjust your temp as needed until you are able to successfully press the high heat formula.

Begin with approx 330 up to 360 to find your heat press "sweet spot" 

7-10,seconds HOT PEEL

****DO NOT COVER WITH ANYTHING! No teflon sheet needed for screen prints!
We DO NOT ACCEPT Refunds or Exchanges on Screen Prints.
Please make sure you follow the instructions using a heat press with high pressure. Generally when there are issues with a screen print it is due to not enough pressure and incorrect temperature.

- We use the highest quality screen print products. The screen print (plastisol) transfers have been tested and proven to provide the best quality prints onto many types of materials when applied properly. Please message us with any questions you may have!
- Plastisol heat transfers are essentially a screen printing process that is printed onto a heat transfer release paper instead of an actual garment.
- Screen print transfers can be pressed onto a variety of materials including: 100% Cotton 100% Polyester Poly/Cotton Blends
- Screen print transfers have a full white under base, making the design fully opaque. This means that you can use these transfers on ANY COLORED garment and the design will show full color!!!
- Screen print transfers MUST be heat pressed on the material. You CANNOT use an iron on these transfers.
- Actual product colors MAY vary slightly from display photo due to device display capabilities and monitor settings. Every print is different and has different color variations, especially in the watercolor graphics and/or after heat pressing. Please be aware of this before purchase as we DO NOT accept returns or exchanges for our products.
- We are not responsible for transfers that are pressed incorrectly. Please make sure you are using the correct material, color, and press settings prior to pressing your transfer.

When you apply the screen print to your item make sure you turn inside out to wash DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER, Hang to Dry. If you are selling your finished product make sure you share these care instructions.