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Canton Cattle MYSTERY Grab Bag

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Crysta Durbin
Politics aside

Hated to get excited just to have so many political items enclosed. Best to leave politics aside

You will get a grab bag of random screen prints. Single, double and full color prints will be chosen by us.

The amount of screen prints in each grab bag is determined by your purchase.

The prints will vary in size, colors and can include some Holiday prints. The Grab bags are always packed to ensure you are getting a great value for your purchase.


Sizes will vary approximatly 3x3-12x12

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SAVE in your email contact for updates regarding any delays

SCREEN PRINT transfer ONLY! You will NOT receive any actual shirt! Shirts are shown simply to give you an idea of what the transfer will look like once you have applied it to a shirt!


Low Heat
- 325 degrees
- Medium-High pressure (HEAVY PRESSURE Recommended)
- 7 seconds HOT peel


- 350-375 degrees
- Medium-High pressure (HEAVY PRESSURE Recommended)
- 7 seconds HOT peel

**If you are using a budget heat press, please check your platens with a heat gun to ensure your press is the correct temperature and that it has even heat across the platen. Soft Formula screens require even, heavy pressure. It should be hard to close your press.

You can check your pressure by placing a $1 bill on each corner of your press and close it. Tighten your pressure until you cannot pull the $1 bills out while your press is closed.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions.

****DO NOT COVER WITH ANYTHING! No teflon sheet needed for screen prints!
We DO NOT ACCEPT Refunds or Exchanges on Screen Prints.
Please make sure you follow the instructions using a heat press with high pressure. Generally when there are issues with a screen print it is due to not enough pressure and incorrect temperature.

- We use the highest quality screen print products. The screen print (plastisol) transfers have been tested and proven to provide the best quality prints onto many types of materials when applied properly. Please message us with any questions you may have!

- Plastisol heat transfers are essentially a screen printing process that is printed onto a heat transfer release paper instead of an actual garment.

- Screen print transfers can be pressed onto a variety of materials including: 100% Cotton 100% Polyester Poly/Cotton Blends
- Screen print transfers have a full white under base, making the design fully opaque. This means that you can use these transfers on ANY COLORED garment and the design will show full color!!!
- Screen print transfers MUST be heat pressed on the material. You CANNOT use an iron on these transfers.
- Actual product colors MAY vary slightly from display photo due to device display capabilities and monitor settings. Every print is different and has different color variations, especially in the watercolor graphics and/or after heat pressing. Please be aware of this before purchase as we DO NOT accept returns or exchanges for our products.
- We are not responsible for transfers that are pressed incorrectly. Please make sure you are using the correct material, color, and press settings prior to pressing your transfer.

When you apply the screen print to your item make sure you turn inside out to wash DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER, Hang to Dry. If you are selling your finished product make sure you share these care instructions.